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Bula! Fiji- As short as it sounds, the delicious it is going to taste. Fiji is not just one island, it is a cluster of 333 islands located in pacific ocean.

Considering Fiji with all the white sand & luxurious resorts, any individual would mistakenly think Fiji as a honeymoon destination. But wait…as a solo traveller, Fiji has a lot of things to offer you from sleepcation to relaxation & meeting new people to indulging into Fijian culture.

Taveuni is the third-biggest island in Fiji, Viti Levu being first and Vanua Levu, second. In excess of 33% of the Island is ensured by backwoods hold and the Bouma National Heritage Park and a broad marine park at Waitabu which is home to Eel Reef and the Great While Wall.